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Income investors looking for high-yield stocks with growth potential should consider investing in Real Estate Investment Trusts, or REITs for short. The appeal of REITs is straightforward: REITs allow anyone the opportunity to profit from real estate properties, without actually having to own property. REITs operate across a number of sectors, including industrial, healthcare, and retail. There are also REITs that do not own physical buildings, but instead invest in mortgages.

The 2019 Best REITs report combines companies who offer high dividend payouts to shareholders, with growth potential. By focusing on high-quality properties and tenants, and maintaining strong balance sheets, many REITs can provide a high dividend yield while also raising their dividends to shareholders on a regular basis. This FREE report will discuss the 10 best REITs, in no particular order, that offer a mix of safety, growth, and dividends.

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