Dividend Royalty: 5 Favorites with 50+ Years of Dividend Increases

The Dividend Kings are the best-of-the-best in dividend longevity. What is a Dividend King? A stock with 50 or more consecutive years of dividend increases. There are currently only 30 Dividend Kings, including recent additions Sysco (SYY), Universal Corporation (UVV) and National Fuel Gas (NFG).

The Dividend Kings list is a great place to find dividend stock ideas. It takes an incredibly strong and durable competitive advantage coupled with a corporate culture that values returning money to shareholders for a business to increase its dividend payments every year for 50+ years. With that said, not all the stocks in the Dividend Kings list make a great investment at any given time. Some stocks might be overvalued. Conversely, some might be undervalued – making great long-term holdings for dividend growth investors.

Our 5 top-ranked Dividend Kings based on expected annual returns through 2025 are analyzed in this article. Expected total returns include a combination of future earnings-per-share growth, dividends, and any changes in the P/E multiple. It is a metric that boils down various growth and valuation estimates into one actionable number useful for cross-comparison. We calculate expected total returns for more than 600 income securities in our Sure Analysis Research Database. Rankings for our 5 favorite Dividend Kings come from data from Sure Analysis. Download this FREE report to see our top 5 Dividend Kings analyzed in detail! 

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