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Get this Premium Report—for FREE Right Now—and Profit from the Green Economy Revolution!

Building The Green Economy of the future has been compared by many to the Industrial Revolution of over a century ago. If you are looking for ways to put a little green in your wallet by putting some green in your portfolio, here is a look at 10 top green investment ideas.

In this Special Report, Chris Temple of The National Investor gives you:

  • A realistic assessment of current priorities and emerging new “green” industries.
  • An explanation as to the ways in which professed “green” goals are already being undermined; and how that adds to the dangers for America’s economy and security.
  • Themes and industries that worry—and encourage—Chris the most (including this year’s shocker from the traditional oil and gas industry.)
  • The most important (and lucrative) part of all these green initiatives to Wall Street (and it’s NOT a big, new commodity boom, though he explains how that will eventually come, too.)
  • Profiles of ten diverse companies in these areas, including the one Chris believes will be one of his next 10-baggers in the battery metals sector.


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AIn his fifth decade now in the financial and investment world, Chris Temple is known as an original and provocative thinker whose accuracy on the markets over time has been uncanny. This he chalks up to long since acquiring the kind of knowledge that he now is privileged to pass on to his Members at The National Investor as well as to broader audiences throughout the investment media.

When you join me, among the many things you'll be entitled to is my "Members Handbook." It crystallizes my approach to the markets. . .asset allocation recommendations. . .how I select individual companies. . .and a LOT more. Our overall strategy for your entire portfolio's management -- importantly, undergirded by my ability to anticipate key market turns -- has led us to handily outperform the overall stock market over time.